Definition of Self-will: wilful adherence to one’s own desires or ideas.

Synonyms of Self-will:
headstrong, obstinate, stubborn, tenacious, etc.

These notes are from recovery in AA and/or related 12 step programs. Readers are encouraged to click external links for more detail. We hope you find them helpful.

Love in fellowship.

The biggest danger we face as recovering people is self-will.

Do we try to control others?
Do we always put ourselves before others?
Are we full of self-pity?

These are all ways that bind us to our self-will. –Keep It Simple | More…

Our self-will ran riot. Recovery pulls us out of that world. We learn to focus on others.
We learn to reach out to them with love. This is the best way to love ourselves.

This doesn’t mean that we live our lives through others. It means we invite others into our lives. It also means we ask to be invited into their lives.

Recovery breaks down our self-will.
It makes room for others in our lives. –Keep It Simple | More…

We want and demand that things always go our way. We should know from our past experience that our way of doing things did not work. At this point, we have two choices.

We can continue in our slavery to self-will, making unreasonable demands and becoming frustrated because the planet doesn’t spin our way. Or we can surrender, relax, seek knowledge of God’s will and the power to carry that out, and find our way back to a condition of peace with the world.

Thinking, taking initiative, making responsible plans—there’s nothing wrong with these things, so long as they serve God’s will, not merely our own. –Just for Today | More….

Addiction and self-will go hand in hand. Self-will reflects our reliance on ego. We are taught to consult spiritual principles, not our selfish desires, in making our decisions.

We are taught to seek guidance from a Higher Power, one with a larger vision of things than our own. In doing this, we find our lives meshing more and more easily with the order of things around us.

No longer do we exclude ourselves from the flow of life; we become a part of it, and discover the fullness of what recovery has to offer. –Just For Today | More…

Have I ever stopped to think that the impulse to “blow off steam” and say something unkind or even vicious will, if followed through, hurt me far more seriously than the person to whom the insult is directed?

I must try constantly to quiet my mind before I act with impatience or hostility, for my mind can be — in that very real way — an enemy as great as any I’ve ever known.

Will I look before I leap, think before I speak — and try to avoid self-will to the greatest extent possible? –A Day At A Time | More…

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