Definition of Restraint: a measure or condition that keeps someone or something under control.
Synonyms of Restraint: control, self-discipline, moderation, prudence, judiciousness, detachment, etc.

These notes are from recovery in AA and/or related 12 step programs.
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We hope you find them helpful.
Love in fellowship.

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Not every thought needs to become a spoken word. Not every feeling needs to become an action. Sometimes I need to just keep quiet.  If my words will seem harsh—if they will ridicule, judge, or critique—I won’t say them.

If they will be unkind, I will be kind and leave them unsaid. If I have an opinion (or advice) that hasn’t been asked for, I will keep it to myself.

If it’s not an objective fact, I won’t present it; if it’s not a truth, I won’t spread it; if it’s not mine to discuss, I won’t discuss it. If I don’t want to know or don’t need to know—and if I cannot or should not do anything about it—then I will not ask about it.

If I’m mad, I don’t need to yell it; if I’m resentful, I don’t need to prove it; if I’m hurting, I don’t need to hurt someone back. I need to think before I speak or act. Mostly, I just need to zip it. –Tending Dandelions/Sandra Swenson | More…

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