Definition of Journey:
Travel somewhere.

of Journey:
Travel, go, voyage, sail, fly, hike, trek, ride, drive, etc.

These notes are from recovery in AA and/or related 12 step programs. Readers are encouraged to click external links for more detail. We hope you find them helpful.

Love in fellowship.


We are just where we need to be today. The experiences that we meet are like points on the map of our journey.

Some of them are rest stops. Others resemble high-speed straight-aways.

The journey to our destination is not always smooth, but the more we let God sit in the driver’s seat, the easier will be our ride. –Each Day A New Beginning/Karen Casey 09/11 | More…


Go on your own journey. Don’t let others hold you back; don’t hold them back. All persons are free to have the experiences their souls lead them to.

Don’t worry about where you’ll go and what you’ll see. Go where your heart leads. Your soul knows the way. It will speak quietly through the voice of your heart, your wisdom, your intuition.

Listen to the voice, the quiet voice within, that assures you you’re safe. You will meet and learn from everyone you need to along the way.

Don’t limit the experiences of those you love, or those you meet along the way. –Journey To The Heart | More…


Sobriety is not an object that one can acquire and then put on a shelf somewhere or on the wall like a diploma. It is more of a journey in living, with each day’s march being a goal in itself. Our quest for sobriety is a lifetime journey. The quality of today’s sobriety will depend only on today’s thinking and behavior. –Walk In Dry Places | More…

We each are traveling on our own, very special path in this life. At times our paths run parallel to each other. But we do all have a common destination: knowledge of life’s meaning. We have never needed to take any step alone on this trip. Our troubles in the past were complicated because we did not know this; but now we do. Our lifeline is to our higher power. –Each Day a New Beginning | More…


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