Definition of Importance: the state or fact of being of great significance or value.
Synonyms of Importance; significance, momentousness, noteworthiness, worth, etc.

These notes are from recovery in AA and/or related 12 step programs.
Readers are encouraged to click external links for more detail.
We hope you find them helpful.
Love in fellowship.

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How important is it? We all overreact sometimes to situations, people, and events that, later, we see were really not important.

The next time we are bothered by someone or something that threatens to ruin our day, we will try to remember to ask ourselves. “How important is it?”

If it’s not important, we’ll spend our time and energy on what is important. There is a world of difference. –Body, Mind, and Spirit | More…

We’ve learned not to view one person as more important than another. We could even harm a recovering person by focusing on his or her personal prestige in the community.

Our purpose is to help people get well, not to run a club emphasizing social standing.
We’ll find our program working much better if we treat all people equally, and view them as equal in the sight of God. –Walk In Dry Places/Mel B. | More…

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