Definition of Share: to talk about one’s thoughts, feelings, or experiences with others
Synonyms of Share: participate or use in common with another or others.

These notes are from recovery in AA and/or related 12 step programs.
Readers are encouraged to click the external links for more detail.
We hope you find them helpful
Love in fellowship

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Bill Cleveland
– Redemption, Recovery, & Real-Life – Listen here 

Mathew M – Peace & Happiness in Recovery – Listen here 

Doug R
– Hope and Laughter – Listen here

Katie P – Extreme example of Self-Will Run Riot – Listen

Scott R
– We are not a glum lot! (Very funny!) – Listen here 

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Mark L – Funny Alcoholics Anonymous – Listen here

Father Tom
– We can BE the CHANGE –  Listen here

Adam T
– Funny Recovery Share – Listen here

Ken D
– Hope, Hilarity, and Recovery – Listen here

John L
– I’m Not an Actor, I’m a Star! – Listen here

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Earl H – Hilarious Sobriety, Stop Drinking – Listen here

Eddie Cochrane
– Funny Speaker Share – Listen here

Father Martin
– the importance of “Prayer.” – Listen here

Father Martin
– Step One – Listen here

Father Martin
– Guidelines for helping alcoholics – Part One | Part Two  | Part Three

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Matthew M. – Peace & Happiness in Recovery – Listen here

Matthew M. – Power & Grace to Handle Anything – listen here

Jack G. – I’m not so good, I listen with too much intensity – Listen here

Johnnie H. – Funny; Privilege not a Right – Listen here

Scotty A – Funny; Oldtimer = Dont Drink & Dont Die  – Listen here
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Clara S – Dependence on God in alcoholism – Listen here

– A Worthwhile case of the Jitters – Listen here

Stevie B
– Funny; Single and Sober – Part 1 | Part 2

Carla R – Steps 10 & 11 @ Girlstcock – listen here

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Bill D. – author of “AA Number Three” in the Big Book. | Listen here…

Bill W. – Co-founder of AA. meets Dr. Bob Smith and AA is born. Narrated by Bill Wilson | Listen here…

Anthony De Mello – Wake Up! (How to be real) | Listen here…

Archie T. – London Speaker Meeting  | Listen here…

 Artis G. Tulsa OK @ Houston Roundup 1996 | Listen here…

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Charley Brockwell – AA #6, Charley helped write Big Book | Listen here…

Charlie P. & Katie P. – Listening like drinking out of a firehouse, | Listen here…

Chuck C. – “A New Pair of Glasses” 1 of 6  A terminal illness. | Listen here…

Chuck C. – “New Way of Seeing The World” Love Chuck C… | Listen here…

Chuck R. – Rally in Comox, BC 1994. Your Higher Power is not God | Listen here…

Clancy I. and Nicholas @ Winchester UK 2007 | Listen here…

Clancy I. – Humour in illness, or as some say ‘sick humour’  Listen here…

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Paul O. – There is More to Quitting Drinking Than Quitting Drinking. Listen here…

Part I Listen here…
Part II Listen here…
Part III Listen here…
Part IV Listen here…

Father Martin – The importance of “Prayer.” | Listen here…

Frank Keane: St. Patrick’s Day Silver Nugget Sports Pavilion | Listen here…

Franklin Williams  – The “Pope of AA” shares on sponsorship. | Listen here…

Gene Duffy – Young Peoples’ Conference, Seaside , Oregon (funny) | Listen here…

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James Houck – Back to Basics. 66 years sober, “life-changers”  | Listen here…

Ken Devaney,- Humour in Recovery, Phoenix, AZ. | Listen here…

Maurice Zolotov – @ 31st Annual AA Convention, | Listen here…

Mike D. – Costa Brava Convention, Tossa de Mar, Spain 2004 | Listen here…

Recovery Audio,  a voluminous & historic collection of recordings | Listen here…

Sandy B. – “Everything is Perception” 12-Step Alcoholism Recovery | Listen here…

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Sandy B. – “Spirituality: The Key Component of Alcoholism Recovery” | Listen here…

Sandy B. – “AA is extremely Spiritual!” There is no speaker better to cover this topic | Listen here…

Sandy B. – “Letting Go, Letting God” Sandy B. shares on the topic of “Letting Go.” A great help to “turning it over” | Listen here… 

Sandy B. – “Forgiveness and Healing”. An inspiration for us all. | Listen here…

Sandy B. – “Practicing the Presence of Now”. Living on a daily basis. | Listen here…

Sandy B. – “The Spiritual Life is Not a Theory” | Listen here… 

Sandy B. – The Proven Principles of Recovery from Alcoholism. | Listen here…

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Sandy B. – “Problems Of Our Own Making” Highlights freedom and power | Listen here…

Sister Bea – “Gratitude and Grace One Day at a Time”  Hilarious | Listen here…

Ted Bishop, Spring Fling, Sacramento, CA 1986 | Listen here…

Tom F. – Heads in the Clouds, Burlington VT, Acts of recovery, 09.10.2010 | Listen here…

Watt Lindsay –  @ Georgia Convention 1967. You can get well – You don’t have to drink anymore | Listen here…

The 5th Tradition Group: The 5th Tradition Group present a vast selection of speaker recordings. | select any speaker

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Chuck Chamberlin Memorial – The Terrace Long Beach Ca. – Listen to the speakers here
This recording is a memorial service for the much-loved, early Alcoholics Anonymous member, Chuck Chamberlain. Chuck died on December 14th, 1984 in Laguna Beach, California at the age of 82. This recording was made within the two weeks after his death. The chairman of this meeting is well-known AA speaker, Johnny Harris. Johnny introduces about seven or eight different speakers who take their turns at the podium eulogizing Chuck. The speakers include Chuck’s wife , Elsa, his son Bill Chamberlain, Sybil Corwin, Cecil Corrigal, and Clancy Imislund. There are a lot of heart-felt memories of Chuck C shared by these speakers on this recording. Several times, various speakers hint at the fact that the final speaker is definitely the best. The final speaker ends up being Chuck C himself; a short recording of a Chuck AA talk is played and provides a very emotional ending to this memorial.

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Gene G. – Gee it’s hot in here – listen to Gene here

Clancy I. – Where do we go from here  – Listen to Clancy here

Beverly D. –  Moral and Spiritual – Listen here

Longtimers share. – Hundreds of years of sobriety, incl. a retired Master of The Universe. – Listen to Part I here  | Part 11 here

William G Borchert – When Love Is not Enough – Listen here
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Bo T. – Recovery from Alocholism for families. – Listen here

Bob Francis – a call from the Chaser – Listen here

Howard P. – Thursday Night Speaker, Las Vegas, NV – Listen here

Matthew M. – at Ice Cream Social in Loomis CA – Listen here 

Larry S. – Pathways to Power – Listen here

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Dick T – Experience Strength and Hope – Listen here

Danny B
– Thursdya night in Las Vegas – Listen here

Angie M. – Serenity W/end, Williamsburg, VA. Experience Strength & Hope – Listen here  

Clancy I. – First Recorded talk ever! 1958 Classic – Listen here

Carla M. – Experience Strength and Hope – Listen here

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Ken D. – Everything you can be you are now – Listen here

Georgia B
. – Experience Strength and Hope – Listen here

Bill C.
– Experience Strength and Hope – Listen here

Debbie D.
– The recovery Program – Listen here

Don L. – What’s wrong with me, my eyes look outward instead of inward – Listen here

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Larry O. – Experience Strength and Hope – Listen here 

Rick J. – Experience Strength and Hope – Listen here 

Bill W. – A Gift Of Hope – watch the movie here

Chuck C. Spiritual Way of Life. Listen here

Patti O. – Experience Strength and Hope – Listen here

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Mike M. – Experience Strength and Hope – Listen here

Jane C. – Experience Strength and Hope – Listen here

Scott L. – (Funny) – Listen to Scott here

Franklin W. – Amusing, powerful, pertinent share. – Listen to Part I | Part II:

Tom B. – A Powerful Change of Heart – Listen here

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Katie P. – An Extreme Example of Self-Will Run Riot – Listen here 

Sister Bea – Gratitude and Grace One Day at a Time – Listen here 

Billy N – AA Myths & Misconceptions – Listen here

Traci M. – Experience Strength and Hope – Listen here

Anthony H. – what was it like, what happened, what it’s like now – listen here 

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Betty F. – Denial and the “Hidden Alcoholic” – Listen here

Anthony H. – His message at 22 years sober – Listen here

Carrie B. – The Home Group – Listen here

Kent C. – Lets Pray first – Listen here 

Eddie C. – (funny) Al-Anons are alcoholics without the allergy – Listen here

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