Definition of Courage:  
Strength in the face of pain or grief.

Synonyms of Courage:

Bravery, pluckiness, fearlessness, determination, fortitude, resolve, resolution, etc.

These notes are from recovery in AA and related 12 step programs.
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We hope you find them helpful.

Love in fellowship.


Courage is not the absence of fear; if there were no fear, there’d be no need for courage. Courage means making the choice to move forward in spite of our fears. –One Day At A Time | More…

If I’m going to stay sober, I’ve got to keep small. The way sometimes seems long and weary. There is only one sure cure for world-weariness and that is turning to spiritual things.

I must dare to suffer, dare to conquer selfishness in myself, and dare to be filled with spiritual peace  –24Hours | More…


Have the courage to act instead of react. Taking the time to be thoughtful about our responses to the situations we encounter offers us the freedom to make choices that are right for us.

Decision-making is morale boosting. Each action we take clearly indicates the persons we are becoming. Our actions reveal who we are, to others and ourselves.

We need only take the time and risk the courage necessary to behave exactly as we choose. We will know a new freedom when we are in control. –Each Day a New Beginning/Karen Casey 18/07 | More…

The program—the Twelve Steps—teaches us how to face and solve our problems. We stop running and stand up to problems.  That way, life’s problems scare us less and less over time.

In fact, life’s problems help us better know our Higher Power and ourselves.
We now know our Higher Power is with us every step of the way. –Keep It Simple | More…


Be brave enough to accept the help of others.
Often in the past, we acted like we didn’t need anyone.

It takes courage to let others help us.
As we get better, our courage grows.

We invite people into our lives.
We help others, and we let others help us. –Keep It Simple | More…

We share comfort and encouragement with others
Many times we feel like we can’t take another step in recovery.

Just like a child learning to walk, we sometimes stumble or fall.
But our Higher Power always awaits us with outstretched arms.

And like the child’s brothers and sisters shouting their encouragement, we, too,
are supported by other members as we walk toward a full life in recovery. –Just for Today | More…


We begin by trusting our ignorance and calling it innocence, by trusting our innocence and calling it purity; what a mess. Either God is the supreme authority on the human heart or He is not worth paying attention to.

Am I prepared to trust His judgment or do I prefer to trust my innocent ignorance? As long as I remain under the refuge of innocence, I am living in a fool’s paradise.

Purity is too deep down for me to get to naturally; but when the Holy Spirit comes in, He brings into the center of my life the very Spirit that was manifested in the life of Jesus Christ–the Holy Spirit, who is unsullied purity.

And when we hear these rugged statements of Our Lord’s, we shrink and say
But I never felt any of those awful things in my heart. We resent what Jesus Christ reveals. –Oswald Chambers, My Utmost for His Highest | More…

It is not unusual to feel afraid. It is unusual, however, to hear anyone admit to feeling afraid. It is important to think about what courage really is. It is not the absence of fear.

Courage is not letting fear stop us from doing what we need to do.
To go ahead in the face of fear is courage. –Today’s Gift | More…


Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak;
Courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen. –Winston Churchill | More…

Recovery involves change, and doing things differently. Many of us resist doing things differently; what we’re doing may not be working, but at least we’re familiar with it.

It takes courage to step out into the unknown. Our experience and the experience of others tells us that “changing the things I can” is a big part of what recovery is all about.

The steps and the power to practice them give us the direction and courage we need to change. We have nothing to fear. –Just for Today | More…

Courage is the power to let go of the familiar: A sponsor once asked me what I had against feeling good. I had no answer. I now see that in my sickness and ignorance I hung onto the familiar, what I perceived to be truth.

Fear kept me from trying something new until I hurt bad enough to beg God for the courage to try a different way. –One Day At A Time | More…


Have the courage to live; anyone can die.
And we find the strength to face hard times. –Keep It Simple | More…

No situation is more than we can handle. Whatever courage or strength is needed is as close as our willingness to go within, to commune with ourselves. –The Promise of a New Day/Karen Casey and Martha Vanceburg | More…

The Creator has made available to us all the laws, principles and values which we need to know to live in harmony. The Creator also designed each human being to learn and grow by trial and error.

We have tools to help us live the right way. We have prayers, visions, nature, teachers, Elders, and we have the Great Spirit to talk to and ask for help when we have problems.

We also have choice. To walk the Red Road takes courage and a lot of prayer. –Elders | More…


Courage is not the absence of fear, but the willingness to move forward in spite of it. Courage enables us to face the fears that arise when we go for what we want.

When fear comes up in your life, fully feel and experience it. If you try to push it away, it will only expand. –Listening to Your Inner Voice/Douglas Bloch | More…

Without courage it is virtually impossible to progress along the spiritual path. Courage is not the absence of fear, but the willingness to move forward in spite of it. When fear comes up in your life, fully feel and experience it.

If you try to push it away, it will only expand. –Listening to Your Inner Voice/Douglas Bloch | More…

I’m free to be the person I’ve always wanted to be, but never before had the courage to become. –Temple, TX, October 1990/”The Man I’ve Always Wanted to Be,”/Grapevine


Come into my heart this morning. Allow me this day to live in the now. Help me to see all the beauty You have created in all things. Let me know myself. Today, as I make mistakes, let me see them as lessons. Guide me. When I see others make mistakes, let me honor them for where they are. Let me realize that they are Your children. When my lips move, let the words be Your words. –Elders Meditations | More…

We don’t develop courage by being happy every day. We develop it by surviving difficult times and challenging adversity. –Barbara de Angelis


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