Definition of Betrayal:
The action of betraying one’s country, a group, or a person; treachery.

of Betrayal:
Disloyalty, treachery, perfidiousness, bad faith, faithlessness, falseness, etc.

These notes are from recovery in AA and/or related 12 step programs.
Readers are encouraged to click the external link for more detail.
We hope you find them helpful.

Love in fellowship.


If we haven’t dealt with past betrayals, if we haven’t cleansed and healed those break lines on the heart, we won’t be able to deal with the betrayals going on right now. The part of our hearts that’s sensitive to betrayal has been numbed, sometimes damaged, because it hasn’t been allowed to heal.

We may stay in situations much longer than is good for us to do. And that beautiful, precious part of ourselves, our heart, closes– not just to the person betraying us, but to all the beauty in life.

We can keep our heart open by being vulnerable and safe enough to feel, express, and take whatever actions our heart leads us to when betrayal occurs. The head is connected to the heart. Healing betrayal will help keep that connection clear. –Journey to the Heart 10/12 | More…



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