Definition of Awakening:
An act or moment of becoming (suddenly) aware of something.

of Awakening:
Arousal, stirring up, kindling, stimulation, inspiration, birth, revival, etc.

These notes are from recovery in AA and/or related 12 step programs.
Readers are encouraged to click the external link for more detail.
We hope you find them helpful.

Love in fellowship.

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In most tribes, there are Coyote Clans.
The job of the Coyote Clan people is to wake the people up.

They need to become a nuisance and irritate the people.
We must return to the spiritual walk. –Elders Meditations | More…

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We focus on anything that isn’t going our way and ignore all the beauty in our lives.
We have literally hundreds of things in our lives that inspire our gratitude.

Even those of us who are suffering from an illness or who have lost all material wealth will find blessings of a spiritual nature for which we can be thankful.  An awakening of the spirit is the most valuable gift an addict can receive. –Just for Today | More…

By shaping our thoughts with spiritual ideals, we are freed to become who we want to be. The spiritual ideals we find in recovery are restoring the shape of our thoughts and our lives to their natural condition.

And what is that “natural condition”?
It is the condition we truly seek for ourselves, a reflection of our highest dreams.

How do we know this?
Because our thoughts are being shaped in recovery by the spiritual ideals we find in our developing relationship with the God we’ve come to understand. –Just for Today | More…

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Most of us hate to have our covers pulled; we don’t like being laid naked in full view.
Our first reaction to such a disclosure is usually shock and anger, yet we recognize the truth when we hear it.

What we are having is a rude awakening. Such awakenings often disclose barriers that block us from making spiritual progress in our recovery.

Once those barriers are exposed, we can work the steps to begin removing them from our lives. We can begin experiencing the healing and serenity which are the preludes to a renewed awakening of the spirit. –Just For Today | More…

If every day is an awakening, you will never grow old. You will just keep growing. -Gail Sheehy – Native Spirituality is full of life. When we seek it we become alive. If we look outside ourselves, we will not find life; if we look inside, we will find life. Anytime we choose to change our lives, we only need to look inside. –Elders Meditations |More…

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