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These notes are from recovery in AA and/or other 12 step programs.
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We hope you find them helpful.

Love in fellowship.
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Many Paths to Spirituality
A misconception about Alcoholics Anonymous is that it is a religious organization. Since A.A. groups often rent space in churches, attending an A.A. meeting in a church basement can reinforce that impression, and the possibility of hearing a prayer at the end of a meeting can further cement the idea for some.

Yet A.A.’s pioneering members realized from the beginning that their sole purpose was to help people gain sobriety, and they went to great lengths to ensure the broadest membership among all who suffer from alcoholism. A.A. is a Fellowship, a community of like-minded sufferers who have found a way out of a hopeless condition. –Pamphlet P-84 – Many Paths to Spirituality, available here

A Brief History of the Big Book
In May 1938, when Bill W. began work on the first draft of what is now the Big Book, Alcoholics Anonymous, in New York City and Newark, New Jersey, he had been sober about three and a half years. Dr. Bob was sober a few months less than three years, and the other 100 early members who contributed in one way or another to the writing of the book had been sober for periods ranging from a couple of years to a couple of months.
The Big Book has been translated into 68 languages and is read by millions of people in approximately 170 countries around the world. Approximately 35 million copies of the first four editions of the Big Book (in English) have been distributed. It sells about one million copies per year, worldwide –F-166 – A Brief History of the Big Book, available here

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Find Your Light: From the critically acclaimed author of Everything Changes, The Recovering Heart, and Addict in the Family, Beverly Conyers’ new guide helps people in recovery achieve the breakthroughs they’ve been looking for. More…

Fragile Power: Why is having everything never enough? Renowned clinical and consulting psychotherapist Dr. Paul L. Hokemeyer explores the answer through lessons he learned treating high-net-worth individuals and celebrities. More…

The Gifts of Imperfection: Let go of who you think you’re supposed to be and embrace who you are. Best-selling author Brené Brown’s guide helps readers embrace authenticity and wholehearted living. More…

Codependent No More: Stop controlling others and start caring for yourself. Melody Beattie’s guide holds the key to understanding codependency and unlocking its hold on your life. More….

Alcoholics Anonymous Fourth Edition; Lesser known facts from our “basic text”. The first 164 pages, Preface, Forwards, The Doctor’s Opinion & Dr. Bob’s Nightmare. See here

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